Ayurvedic Incense Taper Incense Oudh Oramalı ( 10 PCS)

230 kr

20000 i lager

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  • Origin: TR(Origin)
• Back Flow Incense Carbon İçermez-
• Black Smoke Does Not
• Natural Materials And Fragrant Were Made Using a Mix Of Traditional Oils. ·
• Carbon importation fees.
• Waterfall Tütsülükler Is Suitable For The Smoke Has
• Tütsünün Tip Fever With Igniting.
• By Blowing After Waiting for a few Seconds Or Hand Flame With Quenching COR State Is Provided To Remain.
• Thus the Hole Underneath the Tütsünün Tütmesi Is Provided.
• Is Valid For the listed Price Package Inside 10 PCs Taper Incense.
• Hand-Made And Natural Methods With Fully Plant Extracts.
• 1 PCs Taper Incense Average 30 – 40 Dakika Burns.
• Tapered Smoke Flavor It Is free from, While The Resulting Black Smoke And Harmful to Human health Are Carbon Does Not,
• Natural Resin, Gum And Related Flower (Fruit) aromas of Using Organic İçerikler Is Produced With Also All Tütsülerimiz Scales Small Fresh Sold Separately.
• 1 PCs Taper Incense About 30-40 Dakika Fumigation, Which Makes 1 package Inside 10 PCs Taper Incense.

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